piantinaportosanfocaGeo­gra­phic coor­di­na­tes: 40°18′,08 N 18°24′,42 E

Ber­ths: 150 up to 25 mt

Time entrance: Continuous.

3608 (E 2188) -Fla­shing white light every 7 sec., can be seen up to 15 M in the white sector and 12 M in the red sector;
3609 (E2190.5) -Flashing green light every 3 sec., can be seen up to 6 M over the new breakwater. Red light, can be seen up to 3 M, over the new downdrift (temporary).

Marine draught: sand and rocks

Draught at ber­ths from 1,50 to 8,00 m.

Radio: VHF canale 16 and 12 (porto turistico);
Pre­vai­ling wind: North
Onshore wind: Scirocco
Contacts: phone 0832.881183 fax 0832.840831 e-mail: