Adriatic Coast

Let’s walk from San Foca along the Adriatic coast of Salento.

San Foca has a beautiful coastline, wherein in the stretch of sea, between the Aranci and Brigantini beach, we find the cave called “Of Love” or “Cave of lovers” one of the most popular tourist destination.

In a short walk by foot from San Foca we arrive in the seat of the most important archaeological excavations Roca Vecchia. Even from the cliff is possible to realize immediately that the place has a very special magic. Only closer you will understand that there are the old city walls, the streets, the walls of the houses in what was once the old Roca.

The system of fortifications dating back to the Bronze Age. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Roca. The ruins of the castle overlooking the sea and the Cave of Poesia, called “The Cave of Poetry”: This is the amazing cavity carved out by the force of the sea over centuries.

To Roca we find Torre dell’Orso with its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear sea. A stretch of unspoiled nature very much appreciated by environmentalists and many times awarded with the “Blue flag” by The Foundation for Environmental Education, which protects the coasts of the whole Europe.

Continuing along the coast from Torre dell’Orso we reach Otranto, the most eastern part of the coast on Italy, situated on a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea.

Considered since ancient times a natural bridge between the Mediterranean and the Orient, Otranto still retains traces of the melting between different cultures. Walking in the ancient part you’ll be fascinated by the thousand-year old hamlet enclosed by the aragon walls, with white houses and paved roads of stone that converge at the beautiful cathedral, the largest one than other churches in Puglia, characterized by the grand rose windows with Gothic-Arabic influences.

Another charming town on the Adriatic coast of Salento is Castro Marina, which is located on the 40th geographical parallel of the northern hemisphere and charted, by convention, as the borderline between the southern Adriatic and the northern Ionian Sea.

Casto Marina is located halfway along the high coast from Leuca to Otranto and it’s famous for the unsurpassable scenery of the Zinzulusa caves, that represent the most interesting karst phenomenon in Salento.

Last stretch of coastline along the Adriatic seaside is Santa Maria di Leuca, one pearl of Salento.
You will be captured by the beauty of the coast with spectacular sea bed and wonderful sceneries.

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