Lecce and the “Barocco”

From San Foca you can reach Lecce in a few minutes, to remain fascinated by the charm of the baroque and admire saints and angels of stone on the facades of buildings, churches, courtyards and secret gardens of the historical center, emblems and symbols of power over the gates of the nobles family houses, which are open for tourists.

Do shopping in the workshops that use old materials such as papier-mâché, terracotta and “pietra leccese” (local stone type) with contemporary sensibility.

Be amazed by the Basilica of Santa Croce, with hundreds of symbols and mythological figures, next to the Palazzo dei Celestini of the sixteenth century.

Visit the imposing Castle of Charles V with the particular Papier-mâché Museum or the new MUST, inside the old monastery of Santa Chiara with spectacular views of the Roman Theatre, home of original contemporary exhibitions and events before reaching Piazza Duomo, the living room of Lecce overlooked by the Cathedral, the Bishop’s palace, and the beautiful baroque bell tower.

Walking through the streets of the historical center, in the squares, in the streets and in the sunny courtyards you can live the excitement of the most famous movie sets.

Lecce to taste

Lecce is gourmand city, with a dual identity.

Traditional recipes rediscovered by innovative chefs, which elaborate the local dishes accompanied by an excellent Negroamaro or Primitivo wine.

The Salento cuisine is based on the exaltation of poor products, elevating them to rank of speciality. Excellent products are the cheeses and the traditional desserts, such as the famous Pasticciotto or Fruttone Leccese.

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