Where is the Marina located?2019-05-02T17:08:39+02:00

The touristic harbor of San Foca is located on the coast of Salento, in Puglia, further information here.

Are there any supermarkets or shops near the Marina?2020-02-04T19:47:11+01:00

The Marina at San Foca is located at the centre of the town San Foca, where you can find shops and supermarkets a few metres from your boat.

Isthere shallow water or is it necessary to pay particular attention at the entrance to the port?2020-02-05T16:27:32+01:00

No, boat can enter and manoeuvre safely.

Is it possible to refuel boats?2020-02-05T16:29:02+01:00

Boats with a draft up to 1,5 metres can refuel

Is it possible to rent a boat?2020-02-05T16:30:49+01:00

Yes, at the Marina Office you can request the availability of boats to rent

Is it possible to park my car in the port?2020-02-05T16:32:43+01:00

Yes, there is a parking area near the boats.

Is it possible to rent a car?2020-02-05T16:34:41+01:00

Yes, you have to contact the Marina Office

Moreover, booking in advance, there is a customised service of car rental with the possibility to rent a car in the port, with or without driver, and give it back in the port, in one of the ports connected to us (Brindisi and Leuca) or in Brindisi and Bari airports.

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